1/4lb – 1lb
5 Preset profiles, 4 Time settings, 3 Batch size options
Roast Time:
12 – 25 minutes
Bean Visibility:
Smoke Reduction:
Chaff Collection:
Counter top Dimensions:
17-1/2″L x 13″D x 11″H
Shipping Dimensions:
Counter Top Weight:
Shipping Weight:

Behmor 1600 Plus

$369.00 — $389.00

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Take a sneak peak at the new control panel and program here: 


The Behmor 1600 plus has the capability of roasting up to one pound of coffee, and is the closest thing to an automatic home coffee roaster available.  Five preset roasting profiles allow the user to craft their perfect roast and repeat it again and again.  Smoke suppression, quiet operation and a compact size make the Behmor a great choice for indoor roasting applications.  While the Behmor has enough control and functionality to impress a professional roaster, it is also easy enough and user friendly enough for a beginner to use

The Behmor 1600 is packed full of functionality including;

Volume:  With the capacity to roast ¼ to 1 pound of raw coffee beans, the Behmor is one of the largest capacity home coffee roasters on the market today.


  • 4 Pre-programmed time controls
  • 5 preprogrammed heat/roast profiles
  • Adjustable, on-the-fly time controls
  • *NEW* “Rosetta Stone” auto reset feature (resets your timer at start of first crack to approximate how long it will take to get to second crack, based on weight)
  • *NEW* Motor speed control during roasts
  • *NEW* System temperature readings
  • *NEW* System self test
  • *NEW* Automatic safety cutoff (shuts the roaster off automatically if left unattended)

Smoke Mitigation:  Industry leading technology virtually eliminates the smoke that typically accompanies the roasting process.  Smoke from the darker roasts, into the second crack and beyond, will over power the system but will still be for less than other roasters.

Quiet Operation:  Easily one of the quietest roasters on the market.  55dba or less (@ 1 foot )

Support:  Backed by coffee enthusiasts who care about the products they make and the customers opinion of those products.

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