Carmo De Minas
Pico Aguda Estate
16+ (grade 2)
Relationship Coffee
Yellow Catuai, Acai
Elevation (MASL):
Density (g/ml):
Pulped Natural
Flavor Notes:
Balanced cup with a medium body and acidity. Flavors of dark chocolate, vanilla and a touch of earthiness.

Brazil Pico Aguda

$6.25 — $53.13

We get this coffee from our friend Sergio and his family farm in Brazil.  It’s consistently one of the best Brazilian coffees we taste, and this year’s crop was a finalist in the Brazilin Cup of Excellence.  This is an estate coffee from the Condado Estate in the Carmo de Minas region of Brazil.  The Carmo de Minas region is distinguishing itself as the premier region for growing specialty grade coffees in Brazil.  The farmers of the Carmo de Minas region have just recently been awarded their own origin stamp; previously they were listed as a sub region of Sul de Minas.

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