Pour Over
6 cup = 30oz 8 cup = 40oz 10 cup = 20oz
Paper, Reusable Options
Counter top: H 10.5” x 7”diam. Shipping: H10 x W6.5” x D6.5”
Counter top: 2 pounds Shipping: 2 pounds
Model #:
CM-6A, CM-8A, CM-10A


$34.99 — $44.99

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Designed in 1941 the Chemex® coffee maker is a classic.  The simple and elegant design is indicative of the coffee that it produces.  Chemex coffee makers use a specially designed cone shaped filter that when, thoroughly rinsed and properly used, produce a very clean, sweet and pure coffee.  During the brewing process the coffee only comes into contact with the non-porous borosilicate glass and the scientifically designed filter, this minimizes the chance for impurities to degrade the quality of your coffee.   Chemex coffee makers produce an exceptional cold brewed coffee as well.

The Chemex is a one piece hourglass shaped coffee maker that is made of high quality heat resistant glass.  The traditional model has a polished wood collar tied in place with a leather string, which serves as an insulated handle.

Also available with a glass handle

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