SR300 Fresh Roast
SR300 Fresh Roast SR300 Fresh Roast

SR300 Fresh Roast


The Fresh Roast SR 300 is the least expensive commercially available home coffee roaster. It’s a fluidized bed roaster that operates much like a popcorn popper, with the added benefits of a built in chaff collector, cooling cycle and a LCD countdown timer. We lovingly refer to it as a “Point and Shoot” home coffee roaster. While the operator has very little control over the roasting process, other than the length of the roast, the SR-300 is capable of producing a very nice batch of roasted coffee in a short period of time.

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Product Details:
Style: Fluidized Bed
Capacity: ¼ pound (120 grams)
Control: None
Roast Time: 6-10 minutes
Cooling: Yes, Internal 3 minutes
Bean Visibility: Excellent
Smoke reduction: None
Chaff Collection Capability: Moderate

Counter top: H13” x W7” x D8”
Shipping: H14 x W8-1/2” x D8-1/2”
Counter top: 4.5 pounds
Shipping: 6 pounds
Model # = FB101DG